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What Do You Get With The Community?
  • Daily Market Updates and Strategy Overview
  • Trade Ideas From Our Team Of Professional Traders
  • Trading Education and Resources
  • Trading Tools, Indicators, and How To Use Them
  • ​Scalp and Swing Trade Set-Ups on 50+ Assets
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Bonus #1
Rekt Edge Reversion Band
  • Use Our #1 Proprietary Indicator For Buy/Sell Signals
  • Customizable Inputs To Suit Your Needs and Spot Trends Early
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  • Quickly Identify Trend Reversals, Breakouts, and Breakdowns
  • Clear Signals On When To Enter and Exit A Trade
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Bonus #2
How To Profit From Volatility
  • Volatility And The Allegory Of The Prisoner's Dilemma
  • How To Thrive In The Brutal Competition Of Trading
  • How To Manage Risk In Financial Markets
  • Systematically Profit From Risk
  • Why The Prisoner's Dilemma Is An Integral Part Of Trading
  • Escape From The Prisoner's Dilemma For Financial Freedom 
Bonus #3
Markets In Profile
  • What Is The Auction Process?
  • Why Understanding The Auction Process Is Crucial
  • How To Make Informed Decisions Quickly
  • How To Make The Final Decision To Buy Or Sell
  • Demystifying Market Behaviour
  • Seeking The "Exceptionally Tasty" Patterns
Bonus #4
Market Profile Templates
  • These 5 Market Profile Templates Ensure You Get A Proper Read On The Market
  • How To Read A Market Profile Chart
  • Simple Daily TPO Template
  • Dominant 2.0 Template
  • Salad Daily Template
  • TPO Session Template
Bonus #5
CryptoCartel Guidebook
  • Timeless Guide Written By "The Crypto Cartel"
  • Designed With The Beginner In Mind
  • How To Manage Risk In A Volatile Market
  • Why Sucking At Trading Means You Suck At Life (and how to change this)
  • How To Be Worthy Of Success In Markets
  • How To Avoid The Pattern Of Failure
Added Bonuses
A Wealth Of Resources
  • Over 5 Hours Of Video Education
  • 20+ Of The Best Books For Beginner Traders
  • Frequent Trading Patterns
  • Profiting From Pairs Trading
  • Automated Trading
  • The Anatomy Of Trading Algorithms
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What kind of education do you provide?
Included in the bonuses are a wide range of education including risk management, volatility approach, market reasoning, orderflow, how to look for entries and exits, technical analysis approaches (mainly price action, market structure and moving averages), sentiment analysis, funding rates and a LOT more...
What do I need to do to stay in the group?
The group is 100% free, we pay our support staff with commissions generated from the referral link. It is in our best interest (and of the highest priority) to educate you and arm you with the tools you need to be successful on your trading journey so that you trade for a long time and continue to power the group. Our only requirement is to be actively engaged in the group and to execute at least one trade every 30 days.
Do you provide trading signals?
This is NOT a typical signal group. Our team is made up of analysts and traders who sometimes post their own personal trade set-ups and the reasoning on why they may be taking the trade so that you can learn from it. We discourage outright copy-trading as no two traders are alike. Professional traders have different risk tolerance, reaction time, capital, and time available than beginners do. Traders can also enter a trade and exit it quickly with changing market conditions and if you are not available to close the trade, this could result in significantly different outcomes.
Is the group active?
The group will be VERY active in terms of updates and education.
Is there fundamental analysis in the group?
Rekt Edge is primarily focused on trading and providing principles that you can apply to any market, but sometimes we cover an emerging project that we think has potential from a fundamental standpoint. We DO NOT take on sponsorship, therefore no project will ever be shilled because we received a fee to do so.
What other perks are there for being in the group?
When you join RektEdge by using the referral link on this page, you will get a deposit bonus in your PrimeXBT account as well as all the listed bonuses on this page. You will also get a few unadvertised bonuses as our way of saying thanks for signing up with us. Occasionally we will also do live streams and interviews with successful traders that are exclusive to the community. There will also be exclusive trading competitions where you can win cash prizes.
What assets do you cover?
We post trade ideas across global markets including (but not limited to) Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoins, S&P 500, Gold, Silver, EURUSD, JPYUSD, and other global markets you can trade all through a single account on PrimeXBT. We try to effectively cover as many markets as possible allowing you to maximize your profits.
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